Work From Ferris wheel

October 30, 2020

The finale of the Chiyoko's Toji for a month had come. So we decided to enjoy the office plan for amazing workcarion of Yomiuri land amusement park 🙂



10:30 am

In the morning, we decided to enjoy the workshops at "Goodjoba!!". Here we can create our own U.F.O. noodles that we can't make in cupnoodles museum 🙂


11:00 am

Another workshop from KOKUYO. It is also the company that runs the coworking space "Creative Lounge MOV" that I visited for the first time. There we have made friends with many people 🙂


12:00 pm

It's a time for Work-From-Ferris wheel! Many friends who connected online participated. Thanks to everyone, I had a wonderful time. Thank you very much 🙂


1:30 pm

Lunch time with cup noodles! We ate a lot last night by using go-to-eat-campaign so we had a light lunch. There is no hot water provided in the park, so I bought it at an outside convenience store. This cup noodles are big sized products of what we made. We ate it with the not-for-sale mayonnaise that I got from the morning workshop 🙂


2:00 pm

We worked for 2 hours in the office space provided for us until the end time of 16:00. As you can see, it's outdoors, so you need to be dressed like teleworking outdoors at a campsite.If you pay attention to that, Wi-Fi is fast and there is a power supply, so you can work very comfortably 🙂

Thank you everyone!

Like this month's instameet, we also did "web workcation" from the Ferris wheel with Zoom and Facebook. Thank you to everyone who participated, watched, and commented while lunch time. I will reply to some of them, but I will not be able to put all of them here, so I will reply individually again 🙂

Thank You


For Ms. Nakato

They will lend you a dedicated power supply and Wi-Fi so you can have a Zoom meeting from the Ferris wheel. Many would be happy if you tried this. You can also see the illuminations at night, so after having a delicious meal, watch it slowly and change your mood. I wish it will lead to good ideas for your work.


For Maki-san

Admission fee, parking fee and Ferris wheel fee are included in the set. Oka-no-Yu is not included, but towels can be free rented. The power supply is in both the Ferris wheel and the office space, so it was great for charging. In the daytime, you can not only work but also play and experience in the park. I was able to work as an extension of my vacation, and I felt like a writer who came to toji.


For Reiko-san

Advance reservation is required. The office booth is open from 9am before the park opens, to 4pm. Maybe we can have an online workshop for kids from inside the Ferris wheel? The night illuminations are beautiful in blue, red, orange, pink, green and purple! I never thought I could have such a vacation at an amusement park near my house. Oh, not vacation, it's WORKcation, haha.


For Mika-san

Thank you for watching the live video on Facebook! Activities of my workcation are decided at the onsen. Maybe I will be able to work while taking onsen?


For Kaori-san

I'm glad you could see the park through my camera. There is some land under construction, and it seems that they are still making something. The night illumination was also beautiful! I was able to see all in 3 hours. I walked more than 13,000 steps a day. Maybe it was like instameet.


For Tetsuo-san

It was a valuable experience to be able to ride the Ferris wheel for about 1 hour for 5 laps. There are few opportunities to continue riding like this. Manza-onsen seems to be popular for workcations, so if you put a tent on the site of the ski resort in front of your Yunohana-yokan and do outdoor work in the tent, it will be fun! Go to the hot spring if it's cold!!


For Niana-san

Thank you for watching, Niana! I have enjoyed work and vacation at the amusement park with 3 KABOOs!!!!! At night, I watched the illuminations for 3 hours and took a picture! I took a lot of pictures so I'll show you again.


For Jessica-san

Delivered from the Ferris wheel. The night illumination was very beautiful! I walked for 3 hours. Good exercise! I remembered the Instagram so far. I shot it with a new app, but it's still difficult to take night photos. I noticed that the night photos taken by Hai and the IMCJP members were amazing!

Enjoy After Work

The highlight of the after work was "Jewellumination", which I was also looking forward to not only Ferris wheel but also it. 🙂



5:30 pm

Waiting for it to get dark, what!? Is this the same place!? It's like a different world 🙂


6:00 pm

Fountain show, unbelievable! I didn't think it was so amazing 🙂


7:20 pm

I want them to make a night plan for workcation 🙂



Finally, I took a photo with this sign and said goodbye to Yomiuri Land 🙂

At the end, I went home after taking a BLACK-ONSEN bath!

There is actually black-onsen suitable for the finale of 1-month toji between our base in Tokyo and Yomiuri Land 🙂



9:00 pm

I took a black-onsen bath at Yumori-no-sato. It was only one hour of bathing time, but my body was very warm and healed. It was a really wonderful black-onsen. It is near Jindaiji Temple, which I have visited on instameet last year. Jindaiji is in an area where nature is left, and I met a raccoon dog on the way today 🙂


11:30 pm

As I was hungry, I brought back my two favorite dishes at Kappa Sushi Mitaka. This shop was the very first chain sushi restaurant that was renewed to the current signboard when we were editors for app media. It's a memorable restaurant where we went to eat and were interviewed on TV.🙂

October 31th, 2020

We are closed on Sundays and months and work on Saturdays as well. But I walked more than 13,000 steps in the park, so my muscles hurt! So, on the last day of the one-month toji workcation, I made this page leisurely while contacting everyone to thank you 🙂



Report to father!

I think there are many people who are not familiar with work-from-anywhare-anytime like us, but due to the influence of COVID-19, it is rapidly becoming common. The meeting with the father who is undergoing medical treatment on this day was also a video chat. In the not too distant future, I think that what we are doing now will become the norm. Will you also work from Ferris wheel? 🙂


Onsen Biz & Yomi-Lan Ambassador!

I am working as a "Onsen-Biz Ambassador "now. Yesterday I found a "Yomi-Lan Ambassador" in Yomiuri Land just before returning, and immediately registered. Actually, there are still more sequels about Yomiuri Land where I want to go, such as Oka-no-yu and Shakey's, so please look forward to it 🙂